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Why is Clark in Angeles City a Good Location for BPO?

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The viability of Clark Free Port Economic Zone located in Angeles City as an outsourcing centre was started in the late 1990s after a call centre company (Cyber City Services) decided to set up its offices inside the former military base.

Clark has been home to the United States’ military forces since before World War II, until after the eruption of the Mt Pinatubo volcano coupled with a senate bill led to their untimely exodus out of the country.

This event led to the creation of the BCDA (Bases Conversion and Development authority) tasked with the conversion of the former U.S military bases (Clark included) into free-port economic zones. The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) was established to head and operate the more than 2,000 hectares of the free port.

The signing of Executive Order 619 by then Philippine president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo further pave the way for duty free shops to set up shops inside the Free Port and enjoy tax and duty incentives.

This first transformation of the Free Port enjoyed relative success for some time, creating various employments for the locales in Pampanga and the neighbouring provinces.

The BPO industry bloom in Asia particularly in India and Philippines particularly in Angeles City proved beneficial for the Free Port as well.

Here’s some valid points as to why Clark is the perfect location for your BPO business and outsourcing centre in Angeles City.

Setting Up Your BPO Business in Angeles City

Strategic Location

Located in the province of Pampanga which is nestled in the central plains of Luzon bordered by the mountains of Zambales in the west and Mt Arayat in the East, Clark Free Port Economic Zone can be accessed using multi-point motorways.

If you are coming from the north, you can take the Tarlac-Pangasinan Expressway (TPLEX) that leads directly inside the Free Port.

From the west you have the Subic-Clark Expressway (SCTEX) that can guarantee a 30-45minutes travel time. The North Luzon Expressway links the capital city of Manila and the south to the Free Port.

The Clark International Airport inside the free port ensures fast international travel to and from the business district.


With infrastructures and utilities (cabled telephone lines, fibre optic internet connection) well in place, with building locations secured, fenced and gated, the Clark Free Port is the perfect venue for many outsourcing companies that want to set up their offices in Angeles City.

Low Cost

Being a Free Port, BPO locators are entitled to certain tax incentives and privileges. You can cut cost up to 70% instead of hiring in-house talents from your location.

Highly Educated and Young Work Force

The young and educated work force demographic prolife of the province also proved to be a big factor that draws a lot of BPO companies to do business in the Free Port.

With a literacy rate of 93.94 (Pampanga), university graduates of 9,869 (2012-2013 alone), with 32.20% of this coming from the Business Administration related field and 17.49% coming from IT-related disciplines, the province is brimming with highly capable, very educated and English speaking workforce.

Pleasant All Year Round Weather

The weather condition within the region ranges from dry and humid summer and a wet rainy season. The Free Port is located in an elevated section of the city of Angeles, almost on the foothill of the Zambales mountain ranges, sparing it from any major flooding issues during the rainy seasons as experienced in some areas around the city and major problem for Manila

Minimal to No Power Outage

The Free Port also has its own electric generating system ensuring brown-out free operations 24/7 all year round.

Outsourcing your office processes to Clark Free Port Eco zone ensures maximum delivery of services, with high degree of efficiency and accuracy of tasks without incurring high costs and worrying about other variables such as reliability of the infrastructure in the process.

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Why Hire Offshore Staff to do your Business Processes?

By Outsourcing

There is a growing list of business processes that you can now outsource to offshore staff located in the Philippines.

One of the greatest misguided notion of working with an outsource staff is that one representative can do everything for you. I call this the ‘Super Admin Assistant Myth’. There is no such thing.

It’s simply impractical and not true.

At Optimal Outsourcing we recommend that you clearly define the tasks that you want your outsource staff to perform when hiring.

Watch this short video to learn more

In the Philippines there are many well educated and highly qualified virtual staff who can work in specific areas ranging from accountants to medical typists and IT professionals. Of course there are also personal assistants and sales staff.

Many Australian businesses find building a group of specialized offshore staff can benefit the growth of their business. At Optimal Outsourcing we can help you build your own offshore staff in the Philippines.

Choose your Offshore Staff

Here is an example of outsource staff tasks available in our office:

  1. Admin Assistant
  2. Content Writer
  3. SEO Specialist
  4. Digital Marketing Specialist/Social Media Marketer
  5. Accounting Staff
  6. Email Marketer
  7. Radiology Typist
  8. Debt collector
  9. Booking agent
  10. Outbound and Inbound customer service officer
  11. Payroll officer
  12. HR manager

It’s critical to recognize and value that no one person can deal with these diverse tasks. It’s about utilizing what you have at your disposal, to get what you need out of your group by assembling a team to help your business grow.

At Optimal Outsourcing Corporation we see to it that you have the best competent outsource staff. We do this by having every candidate undergo a rigorous testing and selection process that includes a direct Skype interview with the client.

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Outsourcing Staff from the Philippines

By Outsourcing

Outsourcing staff from the Philippines is sure fire way to cut on costs while maintaining a high degree of productivity.

For many years large businesses such as insurance companies, banks and airlines have been outsourcing large chunks of their businesses overseas.

Over the last few years with the cost of technology decreasing and becoming more efficient it is now easier and effective for small and medium size businesses (by far the largest employers in Australia) to access the benefits of Outsourcing.

Outsourcing for you could mean:

  1. Living the 15‐hour workweek, whilst travelling the world, watching your kids grow up, pursuing your hobbies fervently.
  2. Continuing to work hard but achieving 3 times as much with your time – more clients, more sales, faster web development. All whilst you’re focusing on the things in your business that matter.
  3. Getting tax deductible trips for every time you visit your staff in the Philippines.
  4. All of the above.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing essentially means delegating tasks to third‐party businesses or virtual workers. Any business of any size can benefit from this type of outsourcing.

Delegating work in this way will help you improve grow your business, lower operational costs and improve the quality of your product.

Outsourcing has transformed the businesses and lives of many ‐ those doing the outsourcing and the workers in the economies in which outsourcing has exploded, traditionally to China and India.

More recently, one destination has taken the outsourcing world by storm – The Philippines. In fact, 2 years ago the Philippines overtook India in the total number of call‐centre employees.

There a several key drivers contributing to the rise of this brilliant nation and we’ll go through those in more detail in a later chapter. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the system and its benefits.

Watch this short video to learn more:

 Why Outsource Staff from the Philippines?

Eager reliable qualified workers for less

Probably the best motivation behind why you ought to outsource. How does having an assistant without having to pay $25 an hour sounds to you?

Outsource to the Philippines and contract an outsourced staff for as little as $8 an hour per person.

Yes, there’s an expression that you get what you paid for. I know you’re worried that the quality will be awful but it is actually not the case. . Filipinos are well educated and value a job for overseas companies. Working for Australian companies is a well paid job in the Philippines.

You need to spend time training to get staff acquainted with the office procedures, and you don’t generally require exceedingly specific abilities, I’m almost certain you’ll discover individuals willing to work for $8/hr.

I realize that you’re most likely thinking that you can just do the tasks yourself and save $8 an hour. But how much is your hour worth?

It Doesn’t it bode well to simply assign the smaller tasks so you can concentrate on the bigger ones?

Cheap reliable Philippine workers can help you grow your business.

Time Difference is not a big deal

I’m certain that a great deal of you are worried about the difference in the time zone –Philippines being located in Southeast Asia.

All things considered, a ton of Filipinos are more than willing to adjust to the time difference. A considerable measure of these outsourced staff worked in call centres and they are very familiar with adjusting to different time zones.

If your business is located in Australia, the time difference is minimal compared to let say the United States.

Good Grasp of the English Language

This is the nation’s primary selling point and this is the motivation behind why the Philippines is the top choice of the top organizations. The Philippines is the second largest English speaking population in the world

The literacy rate in the Philippines in 2012 is around 92 per cent, which is significantly higher than in India, China and Sri Lanka that is why Filipinos can communicate in English rather easily. This implies less occurrences of translations being lost in interpretation.

By outsourcing your smaller tasks to your offshore team, you can achieve a lot more.

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