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3 Killer Reasons why Outsource to the Philippines

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The number of international companies that have started to outsource their business processes to the Philippines continue to rise.


Unlike other Asian countries like China or India, the Philippines incorporates a culture that’s compatible with the Western world. Once a Spanish colony, the Philippines was ruled by the US from 1899 to 1946 – their influence is still very evident today.

English is the primary language for business and education within the Philippines though the official language is Filipino. With the robust presence of the U.S., the Philippines has developed a government that’s somewhat like the U.S. system. This makes Western corporations more comfortable doing offshoring within the Philippines.

Top Reasons to Outsource to the Philippines

Low Costs

Offshoring in the Philippines may be low-cost compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Salaries within the Philippines are a fraction compared to what the Western world offers their citizenry, with the daily pay set at around $8 per day.

Newly graduated outsourced staff with college degrees from respected universities are employed at around $300 per month. These low cost salaries also apply to some or all business expenses like office rental, utilities, supplies, and third party services.

Philippine outsourcing is usually aiming to be competitively low compared to costs within the U.S. and Europe. You’ll be able to expect to work an offshore staff at around 30-40% of the cost of a domestic team.

 Highly Skilled Workforce

The Philippines incorporates a 92% literacy rating with basic education offered to nearly the entire population. Filipinos are genuinely artistic and naturally expressive people that they naturally gravitate towards fields of learning like the arts, multimedia, freehanded drawing, and animation. There are many schools and universities that offer top-notch education and coaching in these artistic fields.

Because of its traditionally weak local economy, the Philippines has had many tough circumstances providing jobs to the many thousands coming into the manpower annually, inflicting a major portion to migrate overseas.

The Philippines owes its growing BPO business for providing local opportunities to employees that might otherwise need to leave their country.

For these reasons, BPO companies have very little hassle finding extremely qualified employees for their clients.

This is a stark contradiction with its neighbouring countries in the same business as it is a struggle finding candidates and keeping staff which is always a serious problem.

Government Support

The outsourcing industry has become one of the top revenue generators of the country that is why the government totally supports its endeavours.

It’s created special economic zones, established a Philippine Economic Zone Authority, and grants business enterprise and non-fiscal incentives like a 4-year or 8-year tax holiday to BPO players. Even Indian BPO service suppliers have established operations within the Philippines over the years.

IBPAP plays a large role in promoting the country because of the ideal location of alternative and in supporting BPO players.

Since talent is the primary driver of the business, BPAP is collaborating with government agencies to any improve the education system. It’s conjointly implementing industry-specific coaching programs to hone the abilities of Filipino employees and build them up for BPO work.

It’s no wonder the Philippines has gained a new reputation as the most popular BPO destination – a highly skilled workforce and home to a number of the warmest and friendliest folks in Southeast Asia.

We have a team set up ready and willing to assist you realise your offshoring goals.

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How to keep your Offshore Staff Motivated

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Your offshore staff’s morale is as important as your sales or business’s goals are but not easy to measure.

An unmotivated staff member can be an inefficient and unproductive one, so the mental well-being and satisfaction of your staff is essential to your business’s success.

Not tending to this now could prove to be costly for your organization later – either through an ineffective workforce or high staff turnover.

In any case, encouraging a positive job atmosphere will not cost you an arm and a leg in the process.

Here are some hints to keep your offshore staff motivated

Offer Incentives

Did you know that incentives have direct effect on the productivity of your business? A study conducted by SITE Foundation (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) released last 2015 offers these key insights:

  • “Impact on performance – Incentive programs aimed at individuals increased performance by 27 percent. Moreover, programs aimed at teams increase performance by 45 percent.”
  • “Significant goal achievement – Ninety-two percent of workers surveyed indicated that they achieved their goals because of incentives. In addition, 57 percent of corporations surveyed reported that objectives were met or surpassed, and 92 percent reported objectives were surpassed, met or at least partially met.”
  • “Quality and quantity goals affected equally – Incentive programs have an equal, positive impact on both quality and quantity goals.”
  • “Employee input is valuable – Incentive programs structured with employee input work best; however, only 23 percent of incentive systems are selected with employee input.”
  • “Long-term incentives are ideal – Long-term incentives are more powerful than short term (44 percent gain for programs beyond a year versus a 20 percent gain for programs less than one month).”
  • “Design and implementation key to success – While even poorly designed incentive programs improve performance, proper analysis of the performance issue, the design and implementation of the incentive program are key to success.” – SITE Foundation

Treat Everyone as an Individual

Every one of your offshore staff have different needs. ““Every incentive doesn’t necessarily motivate every individual,”” says Andrew Backhouse, national contract director at Timothy James, a 2010 winner of The Sunday Times 100 Best SMEs to work for.

Become acquainted with every individual from your offshore staff and demonstrate that you understand them by being flexible to their own circumstances.

For instance, if your offshore staff has to travel a long way during weekends to be with his loved ones, you might consider giving them the chance to leave early every Fridays. Subsequently, they’ll be more inclined to put additional hours amid the week to keep abreast with their workload.

Praise great work and offer input

It is vital to be real, so discover something that has awed you, regardless of the possibility that it is as basic as your remote staff’s presentation, and let them realize that they are doing it well.

Some organizations have presented a six monthly evaluations. This offers a decent chance to energize staff, clear up any issues, and re-set up with the team member their expectations of the organization and your expectations from them as well.

Communication is Important

By keeping the communication lines open especially by listening to your staff’s ideas, suggestions, comments and observations, they will feel a sense of importance and value.

A weekly one hour or even daily 15 minute huddles are nuggets that every organization should incorporate into their system.

These huddles can be good indicators of how your staff views the work place “climate” and their work in general.

Changes in the policies should also be properly communicated and agreed upon by your staff.

Also by demonstrating that you are addressing your staff’s concerns can be sufficient to help boost morale.

Keeping your staff motivated is a sure way to keep them working at their best.

In this way, your business’s sales targets and goals will be realised. It’s a win-win situation!

When offshoring staff be sure to pick a company that fosters a positive staff environment.

At Optimal Outsourcing we pride ourselves on retaining staff and providing a great work place environment which will help our clients’ staff perform at their best.

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Professionalism in the Workplace

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Professionalism is the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or skilled person; it implies quality of craftsmanship or service.

Every organization must be aware that the distinction between success and failure is in the staff’s level of professionalism.

A highly professional employee is an asset of the company.

Professionalism yields respect.

It will not be a surprise if the company provides recognitions such as salary raise or promotion if employees are observed with excellent level of professionalism at all times.

Typically, it’s troublesome to be in “the zone” each hour of the day, however, it gets easier after you make professionalism a habit.

Focus on your performance and you’ll begin to notice the rewards of your diligence.

The following are 7 traits that one should embody to start becoming a true professional in the workplace.

Continuous Improvement

This can be your main motivation to achieving excellence in whatever endeavour you undertake.

This standard will make your work stand-out.

Striving for the quality of service that is remarkably smart to surpass normal standards, if turned into a habit, will leave a good impression on your bosses and colleagues.

Be trustworthy

In today’s society, trust is a BIG word. Any team member that exhibits this trait is on the quick track to embodying the essence of a true professional.

Trustworthiness is fulfilling any assigned task and is always ready to be counted upon even as an extension- without lowering down expectations.

It is the state of being dependable and reliable when tapped upon to deliver a service so as to earn the trust of your bosses and colleagues – value and integrity should be earned over time.

Be responsible

To be responsible is to stand tall and be accountable for what actions you’ve undertaken, this can be the culpableness and responsibility for your actions and its consequences- smart or unhealthy.

Be courteous and respectful

Courteousness is being friendly, polite and well-mannered with a gracious thought towards others.

It makes social interactions within the office a pleasant one, avoids conflicts and earns respect.

Respect could be a positive feeling of esteem or deference for someone or for the organization.

Be competent

Competence is more than the ability to perform beyond what is expected from you. It is also the mastery of the tasks that you handle.

It’s a mix of information, skills and behaviour wont to improve performance.

It grows through expertise and to the extent one is willing to learn and adapt.

Be ethical

Ethical behaviour is acting within the walls of certain ethical codes in accordance with the commonly accepted code of conduct or rules.

It’s continuously safe for team members to abide by the rules.

This can be continuously the most effective policy and in instances, acting with a transparent ethical conscience is that the right way to go.

This could cause friction in some organizations.

However, moral organizations can continuously stand by the correct ethical choices and actions of their staff.

Be honourable and act with integrity

 Honourable action is behaving in a way that portrays “nobility of soul, liberalness, and a scorn of meanness” that springs from virtuous conduct and personal integrity.

This can be a thought of “wholeness or completeness” of character in line with certain values, beliefs, and principles with consistency in action and outcome.

Professionalism is extremely valued by every organization nowadays and professionals are hardly ever out of work.

Apply these 7 traits to being professional and luxuriate in an exquisite, skilled and prosperous career.

At Optimal Outsourcing Corporation, we have a team of highly-trained, competent and professional staff ready to assist you realise your outsourcing objectives!

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Why Hire Offshore Staff to do your Business Processes?

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There is a growing list of business processes that you can now outsource to offshore staff located in the Philippines.

One of the greatest misguided notion of working with an outsource staff is that one representative can do everything for you. I call this the ‘Super Admin Assistant Myth’. There is no such thing.

It’s simply impractical and not true.

At Optimal Outsourcing we recommend that you clearly define the tasks that you want your outsource staff to perform when hiring.

Watch this short video to learn more

In the Philippines there are many well educated and highly qualified virtual staff who can work in specific areas ranging from accountants to medical typists and IT professionals. Of course there are also personal assistants and sales staff.

Many Australian businesses find building a group of specialized offshore staff can benefit the growth of their business. At Optimal Outsourcing we can help you build your own offshore staff in the Philippines.

Choose your Offshore Staff

Here is an example of outsource staff tasks available in our office:

  1. Admin Assistant
  2. Content Writer
  3. SEO Specialist
  4. Digital Marketing Specialist/Social Media Marketer
  5. Accounting Staff
  6. Email Marketer
  7. Radiology Typist
  8. Debt collector
  9. Booking agent
  10. Outbound and Inbound customer service officer
  11. Payroll officer
  12. HR manager

It’s critical to recognize and value that no one person can deal with these diverse tasks. It’s about utilizing what you have at your disposal, to get what you need out of your group by assembling a team to help your business grow.

At Optimal Outsourcing Corporation we see to it that you have the best competent outsource staff. We do this by having every candidate undergo a rigorous testing and selection process that includes a direct Skype interview with the client.

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Recruiting and Hiring Tips before Outsourcing Staff

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Recruiting and hiring is a multi‐step process that should ideally be tweaked to suit your particular business and needs especially if you are looking to outsource staff.

In the hope of helping you out on this important facet of the outsourcing industry.

Watch this short video to learn more:

I listed down some basic but essential suggestions.

Recruiting and Hiring Tips

  • Find an outsourcing company with a good reputation. It’s wise to look for a company with a team on the ground in the Philippines so that they can locate the best candidates from talent pools, which an online‐only company may miss. Optimal Outsourcing has an office located in Clark Freeport Zone Philippines.
  • Pick an outsourcing company with a dedicated Human Resource department to screen out and test the best candidates for your requirements. Optimal Outsourcing has a dedicated Human resources team led by Byron Dizon.
  • Use an outsourcing company that has an Australian office that is familiar with Australian business standards. Note there is only a 2 hour time difference between the Philippines and Australian Eastern Standard Time. Optimal Outsourcing has an Australian base on the gold Coast and In Sydney.
  • Opt for a company that will both screen and pre‐interview candidates for you. This is standard process with Optimal Outsourcing, this saves you time wasted sifting through the resumes of those who may not fit your needs.
  • Look for a company that will handle all payroll and administrative duties so that once you select a candidate they can take care of these details. Unless you have experience in these areas on an international scale, delegating them will reduce needless headaches and allow you to focus solely on your business.
  • Write a compelling and colourful advertisement for your business. Explain in ample detail what the job is, what qualifications you’re expecting in an employee, both technical and personal, and include a description of the type of skills you want a candidate to bring.
  • Mention the kind of personality best suited for the position, and indicate any particular interpersonal and communication skills you expect. The more clear and direct your advert, the easier it will be for an outsourcing company to assist you in finding the right people to fit the bill. Be sure to include your business’s strongest suits and merits to help attract the top candidates.
  • Set up Skype Interviews. At Optimal Outsourcing we set up Skype video interviews with your selected candidates at a mutually convenient time. Have a list of pertinent questions prepared to help you decide on the right candidate for the position.
  • Check references provided. Optimal Outsourcing will check the references provided by each candidate. This is a step in the process that should be mandatory for each contractor you interview. It’s not only necessary to verify experience and credentials, but it can be an ideal way to learn more about a potential employee. Or better still have the outsourcing company’s HR Department check the references on your behalf.
  • Set up a test for each candidate. At Optimal Outsourcing we have a written and oral test for each applicant. Testing allows you to judge the skills of a candidate and further evaluate their suitability for the position before you do any hiring.

Choosing your outsourced staff is a major key to your business’s productivity. It will save you time, resources and headache in the long haul.

Still if you are unsure about the whole process, give us a call, we are more than willing to help you out.

Outsourcing Staff from the Philippines

By Outsourcing

Outsourcing staff from the Philippines is sure fire way to cut on costs while maintaining a high degree of productivity.

For many years large businesses such as insurance companies, banks and airlines have been outsourcing large chunks of their businesses overseas.

Over the last few years with the cost of technology decreasing and becoming more efficient it is now easier and effective for small and medium size businesses (by far the largest employers in Australia) to access the benefits of Outsourcing.

Outsourcing for you could mean:

  1. Living the 15‐hour workweek, whilst travelling the world, watching your kids grow up, pursuing your hobbies fervently.
  2. Continuing to work hard but achieving 3 times as much with your time – more clients, more sales, faster web development. All whilst you’re focusing on the things in your business that matter.
  3. Getting tax deductible trips for every time you visit your staff in the Philippines.
  4. All of the above.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing essentially means delegating tasks to third‐party businesses or virtual workers. Any business of any size can benefit from this type of outsourcing.

Delegating work in this way will help you improve grow your business, lower operational costs and improve the quality of your product.

Outsourcing has transformed the businesses and lives of many ‐ those doing the outsourcing and the workers in the economies in which outsourcing has exploded, traditionally to China and India.

More recently, one destination has taken the outsourcing world by storm – The Philippines. In fact, 2 years ago the Philippines overtook India in the total number of call‐centre employees.

There a several key drivers contributing to the rise of this brilliant nation and we’ll go through those in more detail in a later chapter. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the system and its benefits.

Watch this short video to learn more:

 Why Outsource Staff from the Philippines?

Eager reliable qualified workers for less

Probably the best motivation behind why you ought to outsource. How does having an assistant without having to pay $25 an hour sounds to you?

Outsource to the Philippines and contract an outsourced staff for as little as $8 an hour per person.

Yes, there’s an expression that you get what you paid for. I know you’re worried that the quality will be awful but it is actually not the case. . Filipinos are well educated and value a job for overseas companies. Working for Australian companies is a well paid job in the Philippines.

You need to spend time training to get staff acquainted with the office procedures, and you don’t generally require exceedingly specific abilities, I’m almost certain you’ll discover individuals willing to work for $8/hr.

I realize that you’re most likely thinking that you can just do the tasks yourself and save $8 an hour. But how much is your hour worth?

It Doesn’t it bode well to simply assign the smaller tasks so you can concentrate on the bigger ones?

Cheap reliable Philippine workers can help you grow your business.

Time Difference is not a big deal

I’m certain that a great deal of you are worried about the difference in the time zone –Philippines being located in Southeast Asia.

All things considered, a ton of Filipinos are more than willing to adjust to the time difference. A considerable measure of these outsourced staff worked in call centres and they are very familiar with adjusting to different time zones.

If your business is located in Australia, the time difference is minimal compared to let say the United States.

Good Grasp of the English Language

This is the nation’s primary selling point and this is the motivation behind why the Philippines is the top choice of the top organizations. The Philippines is the second largest English speaking population in the world

The literacy rate in the Philippines in 2012 is around 92 per cent, which is significantly higher than in India, China and Sri Lanka that is why Filipinos can communicate in English rather easily. This implies less occurrences of translations being lost in interpretation.

By outsourcing your smaller tasks to your offshore team, you can achieve a lot more.

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing

By Outsourcing

Whilst the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines grow to outweigh those of many other nations, there are a number of benefits that are accessed by major corporations across the globe, and increasingly, the enlightened few who have discovered them for their start-‐ up or SME ventures.

Regain Time

Arguably the most valuable commodity today, our time, is growing scarcer and more precious. Dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners are working fewer than 10 hours per week, and virtually all of their work has become simply catching up, motivating and maintaining weekly goals.

Once you set your gears in motion, you allow yourself significantly more time to spend being the real CEO you were meant to be, and more importantly, with your family and friends.

It’s a very personally empowering route. Don’t you like the idea of someone else growing your business while you’re lounging on the beach with your family?

Your contractors, who (with the right training) will become perfectly autonomous and knowledgeable, can evolve and develop your business independently at a significantly lower cost than if you had to put in all those hours by yourself.

Up to 80% cheaper

Are you ever daunted at the cost of hiring a local Australian or US employee?

We were too!

Thankfully, outsourcing is 60-‐80% cheaper than hiring locally in most cases.

If you’re in need of a telemarketer, for example, the numbers speak for themselves: a typical Australian telemarketer costs around $4,500 per month whereas a Filipino with perfect English will earn almost a quarter of that, just under $1,300.

A Filipino accountant can earn $1,400 per month, whereas an Australian accountant typically earns over $7,000. The same applies to admin staff, payroll clerks, bookkeepers and receptionists.

It’s important to keep in mind the substantially lower cost of living in the Philippines.

A thousand dollars per month stretches considerably further for a Filipino than it does for an Australian.

Additionally, by choosing to outsource your employment you are actually creating well-‐paying and sought-‐after jobs for Filipinos.

Working remotely for international employers is in very high demand in the Philippines, not only because of the wages received, but because this type of employment allows a Filipino to work from the comfort of their own home.

Easy Access to Skilled Staff

Outsourcing eliminates the immediate need for recruiting personnel to do a specialized task. This enables the company to save a lot of its time and finances plus it can focus on the more important core tasks.

Outsourcing to skilled staff also eliminates the margin of error on the task allocated. Lastly, having skilled staff to outsource to also speed up the completion of the assigned task/s because of their training, efficiency and general technical know-how of the tasks involved.

These are but some of the more obvious reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines can be a definite boost to your company.

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