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Outsourced Staff Task: Email Marketing

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Hiring an outsourced staff is a cost-efficient way to delegate office processes that will enable you to focus on “core tasks” within your business.

In this segment, we’ll shed a light on one common but nonetheless very important marketing strategy that an outsourced staff can effectively manage- email marketing.

With all the ways in which to connect with your customers, whether or not through social media, face-to-face, or different channels, it’s simple to overlook email marketing.

If your business isn’t actively building a list of client emails, you might be setting your business up for digital failure.

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is more than a rehash of your latest blog post(s). Correct emailing delivers the proper message at the proper time to the proper audience.

So why is email marketing an essential marketing strategy that you can outsource? Let’s take a glance at why it’s thus necessary for your business.

Hire an Outsourced Staff to do Email Marketing for You

Targeted Selling Opportunities

Unlike several different marketing opportunities, once properly enforced, emailing will reward your business with numerous ways in which to focus on specific customers.

To do this, ensure that your email marketing software system permits for lead scoring. This can enable your offshore staff to outline numerous milestones or actions that a user exhibits through interactions in the emails or your website.

At Optimal Outsourcing Corporation, we have an outsourced staff skilled with this task plus more.

Once a user has met the criteria you’ve got outlined, your outsourced staff can then follow up with them with targeted email communication to drive them down the funnel.

More Personal

While the benefits of using social media for your business is undoubted, there’s still a large portion of your customers that don’t subscribe to those channels. However, these same people quite possibly have an email account.

With email marketing data profiling is achievable. There are a lot of different ways in which to capture a customer’s email address. One is by adding an email form in your website to build a listing.

Your outsourced staff can then segregate the list and use the appropriate email according to the customers’ individual needs.

Just think about the ways in which you’ll be able to use this extra data to supply targeted and personalised electronic communication to your customer database. Once you’ve gained extra info, you’ll place sure buyers into new nurturing campaigns to continue the e-mail marketing relationship.

Data Driven & Measurable

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is vital to the success and improvement of a selling campaign. With email marketing, you get insights into your marketing initiatives.

A metric your business will track is the click through rate (CTR) that is basically what desktop users clicked on a link within the e-mail.

If you’re doing emailing correctly, you can test completely different calls to actions (CTA) within your email copy (and even subject lines). Knowing if one explicit phrasing works higher than others in generating click throughs will offer exponential results to your campaign.

Having access to those and different metrics keep your outsourced staff duly informed on what’s or isn’t working in your emailing initiatives.

Generate Sales

Your business is about generating sales after all. There’s this business saying that goes “the money is in the list.” The list they’re referring to here is your email list.

Email marketing is a strategy aimed to assist you increase sales once executed properly. The sensible means to do this is by pairing up your email marketing with an automated marketing platform, permitting you to place your email marketing initiatives on overdrive.

Through lead scoring, lead profiling, and well outlined email campaigns, your outsourced staff can immediately spot if a client is ready to buy.

Knowing wherever your client is within the funnel through lead scoring can provide your offshore staff with insights on when to get aggressive with sales based email messaging.

Being able to guide the client any down the funnel on their own terms could be a powerful tool. By permitting them to show sure actions before you hit them up for a purchase won’t just make your client happy, but your bottom line also.

Cost Effective & cheap

You might be thinking that emailing sounds nice and all, however with all of these options, it’s for sure an expensive strategy?

Certain there’ll be some initial up front setup and implementation costs, however once the muse is ready, the continuing maintenance cost is low compared to the return.

At Optimal Outsourcing you can bank on us to do your email marketing strategy efficiently. We have well-equipped and highly capable staff that you can outsource to do your email marketing and more.

Contact us today and let’s start building your email marketing success!