Professionalism is the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or skilled person; it implies quality of craftsmanship or service.

Every organization must be aware that the distinction between success and failure is in the staff’s level of professionalism.

A highly professional employee is an asset of the company.

Professionalism yields respect.

It will not be a surprise if the company provides recognitions such as salary raise or promotion if employees are observed with excellent level of professionalism at all times.

Typically, it’s troublesome to be in “the zone” each hour of the day, however, it gets easier after you make professionalism a habit.

Focus on your performance and you’ll begin to notice the rewards of your diligence.

The following are 7 traits that one should embody to start becoming a true professional in the workplace.

Continuous Improvement

This can be your main motivation to achieving excellence in whatever endeavour you undertake.

This standard will make your work stand-out.

Striving for the quality of service that is remarkably smart to surpass normal standards, if turned into a habit, will leave a good impression on your bosses and colleagues.

Be trustworthy

In today’s society, trust is a BIG word. Any team member that exhibits this trait is on the quick track to embodying the essence of a true professional.

Trustworthiness is fulfilling any assigned task and is always ready to be counted upon even as an extension- without lowering down expectations.

It is the state of being dependable and reliable when tapped upon to deliver a service so as to earn the trust of your bosses and colleagues – value and integrity should be earned over time.

Be responsible

To be responsible is to stand tall and be accountable for what actions you’ve undertaken, this can be the culpableness and responsibility for your actions and its consequences- smart or unhealthy.

Be courteous and respectful

Courteousness is being friendly, polite and well-mannered with a gracious thought towards others.

It makes social interactions within the office a pleasant one, avoids conflicts and earns respect.

Respect could be a positive feeling of esteem or deference for someone or for the organization.

Be competent

Competence is more than the ability to perform beyond what is expected from you. It is also the mastery of the tasks that you handle.

It’s a mix of information, skills and behaviour wont to improve performance.

It grows through expertise and to the extent one is willing to learn and adapt.

Be ethical

Ethical behaviour is acting within the walls of certain ethical codes in accordance with the commonly accepted code of conduct or rules.

It’s continuously safe for team members to abide by the rules.

This can be continuously the most effective policy and in instances, acting with a transparent ethical conscience is that the right way to go.

This could cause friction in some organizations.

However, moral organizations can continuously stand by the correct ethical choices and actions of their staff.

Be honourable and act with integrity

 Honourable action is behaving in a way that portrays “nobility of soul, liberalness, and a scorn of meanness” that springs from virtuous conduct and personal integrity.

This can be a thought of “wholeness or completeness” of character in line with certain values, beliefs, and principles with consistency in action and outcome.

Professionalism is extremely valued by every organization nowadays and professionals are hardly ever out of work.

Apply these 7 traits to being professional and luxuriate in an exquisite, skilled and prosperous career.

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