Your offshore staff’s morale is as important as your sales or business’s goals are but not easy to measure.

An unmotivated staff member can be an inefficient and unproductive one, so the mental well-being and satisfaction of your staff is essential to your business’s success.

Not tending to this now could prove to be costly for your organization later – either through an ineffective workforce or high staff turnover.

In any case, encouraging a positive job atmosphere will not cost you an arm and a leg in the process.

Here are some hints to keep your offshore staff motivated

Offer Incentives

Did you know that incentives have direct effect on the productivity of your business? A study conducted by SITE Foundation (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) released last 2015 offers these key insights:

  • “Impact on performance – Incentive programs aimed at individuals increased performance by 27 percent. Moreover, programs aimed at teams increase performance by 45 percent.”
  • “Significant goal achievement – Ninety-two percent of workers surveyed indicated that they achieved their goals because of incentives. In addition, 57 percent of corporations surveyed reported that objectives were met or surpassed, and 92 percent reported objectives were surpassed, met or at least partially met.”
  • “Quality and quantity goals affected equally – Incentive programs have an equal, positive impact on both quality and quantity goals.”
  • “Employee input is valuable – Incentive programs structured with employee input work best; however, only 23 percent of incentive systems are selected with employee input.”
  • “Long-term incentives are ideal – Long-term incentives are more powerful than short term (44 percent gain for programs beyond a year versus a 20 percent gain for programs less than one month).”
  • “Design and implementation key to success – While even poorly designed incentive programs improve performance, proper analysis of the performance issue, the design and implementation of the incentive program are key to success.” – SITE Foundation

Treat Everyone as an Individual

Every one of your offshore staff have different needs. ““Every incentive doesn’t necessarily motivate every individual,”” says Andrew Backhouse, national contract director at Timothy James, a 2010 winner of The Sunday Times 100 Best SMEs to work for.

Become acquainted with every individual from your offshore staff and demonstrate that you understand them by being flexible to their own circumstances.

For instance, if your offshore staff has to travel a long way during weekends to be with his loved ones, you might consider giving them the chance to leave early every Fridays. Subsequently, they’ll be more inclined to put additional hours amid the week to keep abreast with their workload.

Praise great work and offer input

It is vital to be real, so discover something that has awed you, regardless of the possibility that it is as basic as your remote staff’s presentation, and let them realize that they are doing it well.

Some organizations have presented a six monthly evaluations. This offers a decent chance to energize staff, clear up any issues, and re-set up with the team member their expectations of the organization and your expectations from them as well.

Communication is Important

By keeping the communication lines open especially by listening to your staff’s ideas, suggestions, comments and observations, they will feel a sense of importance and value.

A weekly one hour or even daily 15 minute huddles are nuggets that every organization should incorporate into their system.

These huddles can be good indicators of how your staff views the work place “climate” and their work in general.

Changes in the policies should also be properly communicated and agreed upon by your staff.

Also by demonstrating that you are addressing your staff’s concerns can be sufficient to help boost morale.

Keeping your staff motivated is a sure way to keep them working at their best.

In this way, your business’s sales targets and goals will be realised. It’s a win-win situation!

When offshoring staff be sure to pick a company that fosters a positive staff environment.

At Optimal Outsourcing we pride ourselves on retaining staff and providing a great work place environment which will help our clients’ staff perform at their best.

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