What are the benefits?

Good quality staff at up to 50-75% of Australian rate, leaving you with more money to spend on growing your business.

What is the difference between seat leasing and staff leasing?

Seat leasing is when you lease a desk in our office which includes all office facilities and then we help you employ your new staff member.+

Staff leasing is when you lease one of our staff members in the Philippines to work in your business.

How much does it cost me?

Please contact us for further information.

How long does it take to get started?

From the time you sign-up, 5 to 6 weeks to have staff working for you.

How long do I need to commit?

Seat leasing requires a 12 month commitment. Staff leasing requires a 6 month commitment.

How do I employ staff?

Our HR department will advertise and interview prospective staff members for you . After a filtering and testing process to identify the best people you will receive at least 2 candidates you can interview via Skype.

How do I pay?

On the 21st day of each month you will receive an invoice for the following month which is payable by the 1st of the next month into an Australian bank account. The seat leasing invoice will include the seat leasing fee plus the wages for your staff converted to Australian Dollars. Staff leasing will be the charged at the set weekly rate.

How do I know my staff are working?

Our HR team will monitor your staff to ensure they arrive each day and are on time and working at their desks appropriately. It is your job to oversee the work they are doing is correct.

The office has CCTV cameras that you can access on your computer or smartphone to check on your staff member. Overall Filipino workers are very hard working and greatly value a job working for an Australian firm.

What about holiday leave?

Our HR team will manage all the aspects of employing in the Philippines for you including paying all statutory benefits and making sure your staff member remains compliant with Philippines Industrial Laws.

How do I train my staff?

We provide training courses when staff are employed on basic work practice and Australia cultural training so they are familiar with Australian customs. Further we can provide training in software such as Xero, Excel, BGL, Class Super and MYOB.

We encourage you to train your staff in any industry specific software you might require. Much of your training can be done via Skype and using programs like Team Viewer where you both can see each-others computer screens.

We also provide a conference area where you can visit your staff and train them in our Clark Office. Some businesses choose to bring their workers to Australia for a period of time to meet the Australian team and get to know the business well. This is a highly prized experience for a Filipino worker. You decide whether you wish to bring them out to Australia.