3 Benefits of Outsourcing

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Whilst the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines grow to outweigh those of many other nations, there are a number of benefits that are accessed by major corporations across the globe, and increasingly, the enlightened few who have discovered them for their start-‐ up or SME ventures.

Regain Time

Arguably the most valuable commodity today, our time, is growing scarcer and more precious. Dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners are working fewer than 10 hours per week, and virtually all of their work has become simply catching up, motivating and maintaining weekly goals.

Once you set your gears in motion, you allow yourself significantly more time to spend being the real CEO you were meant to be, and more importantly, with your family and friends.

It’s a very personally empowering route. Don’t you like the idea of someone else growing your business while you’re lounging on the beach with your family?

Your contractors, who (with the right training) will become perfectly autonomous and knowledgeable, can evolve and develop your business independently at a significantly lower cost than if you had to put in all those hours by yourself.

Up to 80% cheaper

Are you ever daunted at the cost of hiring a local Australian or US employee?

We were too!

Thankfully, outsourcing is 60-‐80% cheaper than hiring locally in most cases.

If you’re in need of a telemarketer, for example, the numbers speak for themselves: a typical Australian telemarketer costs around $4,500 per month whereas a Filipino with perfect English will earn almost a quarter of that, just under $1,300.

A Filipino accountant can earn $1,400 per month, whereas an Australian accountant typically earns over $7,000. The same applies to admin staff, payroll clerks, bookkeepers and receptionists.

It’s important to keep in mind the substantially lower cost of living in the Philippines.

A thousand dollars per month stretches considerably further for a Filipino than it does for an Australian.

Additionally, by choosing to outsource your employment you are actually creating well-‐paying and sought-‐after jobs for Filipinos.

Working remotely for international employers is in very high demand in the Philippines, not only because of the wages received, but because this type of employment allows a Filipino to work from the comfort of their own home.

Easy Access to Skilled Staff

Outsourcing eliminates the immediate need for recruiting personnel to do a specialized task. This enables the company to save a lot of its time and finances plus it can focus on the more important core tasks.

Outsourcing to skilled staff also eliminates the margin of error on the task allocated. Lastly, having skilled staff to outsource to also speed up the completion of the assigned task/s because of their training, efficiency and general technical know-how of the tasks involved.

These are but some of the more obvious reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines can be a definite boost to your company.

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